How Doctors Think  – Jerome Groopman, MD

Our health is one of our most important assets yet daily millions of people put their health in the hands of a stranger –  their doctor.  This is a book about one of the most sacred relationships you have with another person – the doctor patient relationship.  Why are some doctors successful and others are not?  What goes into the thought processes behind a diagnosis?  When meeting a new patient?  Best of all it tells us how, with our help we can help our doctors avoid snap judgments, communicate more effectively and use all their skill to best impact our health.


Five Good Minutes  – Jeff Brantley, MD

How to start your day with a new attitude using these five minute practices/activities to reduce stress  and anxiety, enrich your personal time.  Make them a natural part of your morning.  Quiet and effective way to experience an energizing of your soul that starts your day in peace.


The Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown, Ph.D.

“Letting go of who you think you are supposed to be and embracing who you are.”  Most of us struggle with the fear of not being “enough”.  We hang onto our mistakes and short comings like prizes .  Understanding ourselves is one thing but even more essential is learning to love ourselves, imperfections and all.  Dr. Brown takes her readers through a journey of letting go of the goal of perfection while learning how to live a healthy fulfilling life.


The New Retirement – Jan Cullinane

A successful retirement doesn’t just happen.  You don’t walk out of work into a life of leisure without some planning to make it work for you.  This book covers everything from reprograming hour time, to where you want to live, travel, making your retirement money last as long as you do to tax and health issues.  Very readable and comprehensive.


Happiness is a Serious Problem – Dennis Prager, Ph.D.

Happiness is usually on the top of eveyone’s list of what is important but seems to be pretty far down on what we actually feel.  Dr. Prager reminds us of our obligation to be happy and provide a positive environment for, not only ourselves but everyone around us.. Happiness is not  through self indulgence but  in finding meaning in our lives.  Thought provoking book !


Best Year of Your Life – Judy Ford

A good read on how to start living your dream now and stop talking about “if only” or someday.  Short, practical and to the point.


You Just Don’t Understand – Deborah Tannen, Ph.D.

Men might not be from Mars and women from Venus but they are worlds apart when it comes to communication.  Have you ever walked away from a conversation thinking you understood exactly what was said only to have your spouse have an entirely different grasp on the same conversation?  This books talks about these differences in communication and how we can get on the same page and avoid verbal misunderstandings.  I highly recommend this book !


Just One Thing – Dr. Rick Hanson

Daily practices that can change the way your brain works.  Be more effective, have greater sense of well being and insight with these simple practices to enhance relationships, gratitude and joy.


Language of Letting Go  – Melody Beattie

Meditations for the co-dependent .  How to care for yourself  when you love someone addicted to drugs or alcohol.  A powerful book written by someone who lived that life.




MENTAL FLOSS –  for knowledge junkies with a sense of humor.

EXPERIENCE LIFE – guide to a healthy life.  Revolutionary ways to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.