food pie Wellness Services

  • Custom designed employee health and wellness program
  • Monitoring  and evaluating workplace wellness program effectiveness
  • Implementation of wellness program
  • Weight loss program
  • Walking program
  • Stress buster program
  • Smoking cessation program
  • Healthy lifestyle presentation
  • Individual counseling with employees over health issues/concerns
  • Health Fair for employees

7 Reasons Your Workplace Needs an Employee Wellness Program

  1. Lower insurance premiums
  2. Less absenteeism
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Increased morale
  5. Increased presentee-ism*
  6. Improved employee team work and internal cooperation
  7. Added perk at a relatively low per employee cost

For more information on how an employee wellness program can benefit your business contact me via my email address or at 740-403-1454.

* employees working more effectively and efficiently while at work.

Every year employers are hit with higher insurance policy premiums.  Some pass the cost on to the employees.  Some switch insurers in the hope of keeping the increase to single digits.  Some go to higher deductibles and some have started employee health programs.  I was one such employer several years ago – when employee health programs were something only large corporations had and usually were composed only of annual employee screening and a gym membership.

I wanted something more – something that got the employees involved and enthused.  Dieting and exercise are not exactly bell ringers for most employees.  We started small .  I had been working with a personal trainer three times a week – and hated it.  Exercising is NOT fun, alone and at 6AM no matter how you slice it.  When I asked at work if anyone would be interested in working out as a group with a trainer ON SITE ,the response was incredible.  I immediately had thirteen people out of our 30 employees on the list.   The  conference room  was converted into a gym three times a week at lunch time.   I brought in Weight Watchers at Work  once a week for 10 weeks. – We lost a total of 305 pounds.  10 laps around the building parking lot turned into a  1 mile walking course . By spring we were ready to sign up as a group for the American Heart Association Heart Walk.  We had contests.  We lost weight, we had less absenteeism, an increase in presenteeism (productivity and attention to work during work hours), increased camaraderie, fewer sick days and fewer insurance claims.   In short –  It worked.

Because of the success in my own office I decided I could develop a program that would work for other small businesses.  Our customers were banks, credit unions, schools, and an electric co-op.  I custom designed the program for each employer according to needs identified by the employees in a confidential survey.  Buy in, by the employees as well as the employer, from the start, was a must.  That was 5 years ago.  Employee health and wellness programs are now a big deal.

How is my program different?  It’s different because the program is uniquely yours.   It’s designed from scratch  for you and your employees, not a cookie cutter program on-line.  Your HR department is not saddled with running or overseeing the program.  That’s Real Solution’s  job as well as evaluating the results.

The first step toward a healthy savings is a healthy workforce.  Call Real Solutions Nursing Consultants for more information on employee wellness programs.