October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Schedule your mammogram TODAY !

Oct. 1st  – International Coffee Day

Oct. 6th – World Smile Day – Change a life today – Donate to Operation Smile,  international organization that uses your donations to fund repair of the smile of children with cleft pallets.  Your donation can make a difference.

*Contest – Send me a list of 10 things that make you smile along with proof of your donation to Operation Smile and I’ll send you a  copy of the book 10,000    Things to Make you Smile.   Entries must be received by Oct. 15th.

Oct. 9th Curious Events Day

12th – World Arthritis Day – millions of people suffer the pain and crippling of arthritis everyday  Read about symptoms and current new treatments in my  blog “Needlework – acupuncture as a treatment for arthritis”.

Oct. 13th – International Skeptics Day – Question everything.  Even yourself.

15th – Evaluate Your Life Day – see our reading list for recommended readings. How about starting with The Best Year of Your Life?  Read my blog on Younger You-Older You: Selfies

16th – National Clean Out your Virtual Desk Top Day – or better yet, wade through those 2047 unread e-mails.  Just hit delete all.

18th – Chocolate cupcake Day –

23rd – Mole Day – yes, a day to honor those furry black creatures tunneling through your yard.  Celebrate by checking the “moles” on your body – have they changed color or size?  Irregular edges.? Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist for a skin assessment.

26th – Mother-in Law Day – All jokes aside.  A mother-in-law can be a friend forever. Read my blog on “An Extra Mother”.

28th – International Observe the Moon night.- just in case you missed the eclipse a couple months back.

30th – Plan a Great Funeral Day – What a great idea for a Halloween Party !  Actually not a bad idea as part of your BE PREPARED plan.  Check out my blog on “A Parting Gift”